Why I’m Running

I’m running for President-Elect because it’s time to take our IEEE Standards Association to the next level, and I’m the person to do it.
I’m driven by my desire to give back to the IEEE. The IEEE has given me tremendous support, starting when I was President of the IEEE Student Branch at MIT, continuing as I worked to develop new IEEE standards. Now I’m giving back as a leader and officer in the Standards Association, and I want to do more.
Here’s my vision: I will:
• Increase investment in modern, state-of-the-art development platform tools, better staff support and better meeting management. This will reduce the time volunteers spend on drafting documents and enable them to focus on producing higher quality content.
• Make our processes more open, transparent, and fair, to include easy access to leadership meeting minutes and reports.
• Work to ensure our standards better meet market needs and enhance our global reputation as the recognized premier venue for creation of technically excellent standards.
To achieve these objectives, I will work apply the same entrepreneurial management skills and energy that I have successfully used in growing Qualcomm from a start-up to the large successful company it is today.

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