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IEEE Standards: Leading The World

My objective is to ensure that the IEEE Standards Association is the best place for standardization of new ideas and technologies, and to work hard and be dedicated to its success.

Meet Mark

IEEE Standards: Leading The World

Meet Mark

IEEE Experience

I am a member of the IEEE Power and Energy, Computer and Communications Societies. 

VP and Chair, SA Global Products Services and Marketing SMDC.

I joined IEEE at MIT where I was elected President of the Student Branch. I have a long involvement in standards that began in proposing wideband solutions for a new wireless band in Canada, and then an advanced wide area wireless technology in IEEE 802. This led to my serving on the Standards Board and its committees, where I encouraged minimizing bureaucratic obstacles and keeping the standards process as easy and as fast as possible.

I then served on the BOG and CAG and their governance committees:

VP and Chair, Financial Sustainability SMDC

VP and Chair, Product and Services SMDC

Chair, Awards and Recognition Committee

Chair, Ad Hoc on Member Retention

Chair, Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management Committee

Ad Hoc Council

Fellows Committee

Industry Connections Committee

— — — –Appeals Pool –Nominations and Appointments Committee –SA Representative to ISTO –ICAP Steering Committee –Standards Conduct Committee –Strategic Planning Advisory Group –Global Coordinating Committee –International SDO Advisory Group I also have served on IEEE New Initiatives Committee and Awards Board.

Appeals Pool

Nominations and Appointments Committee

— — — — — –SA Representative to ISTO –ICAP Steering Committee –Standards Conduct Committee –Strategic Planning Advisory Group –Global Coordinating Committee –International SDO Advisory Group I also have served on IEEE New Initiatives Committee and Awards Board.

SA Representative to ISTO

ICAP Steering Committee

Standards Conduct Committee

Strategic Planning Advisory Group

Global Coordinating Committee

International SDO Advisory Group

IEEE New Initiatives Committee and Awards Board


Mark received a Ph.D. from Stanford, M.S. and B.S. degrees from M.I.T., and was a Harvard Fellow.

Ph.D. from Stanford

M.S. and B.S. degrees from M.I.T.

Harvard Fellow

Mark brings broad industry standardization experience
and a successful inclusive management style to the IEEE.

Record Of Success

Grow Corporate Membership

I proposed incentives to grow our Corporate Membership. These included specialized collateral material; integration of promotions with ISTO; webinars; and educational material. The number of members has grown dramatically.

Expand SA Awards

I proposed expanding the scope of SA Awards to monetarily incentivize our awards; recognize IEEE fellows who are active in standards; and expanding awareness by engaging WG chairs, Societies and Councils.

Gained Global SA Recognition

I proposed and succeeded in getting the IEEE to be a member of the Global Standards Collaboration, a key recognition for the SA.


Mark has five publications and a patent on communications by polarization rotation.

Mark Epstein is on the Boards of ATIS, TIA, US ITU Association, and the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors. He is a trustee at MIT and a board member of the Shakespeare and Studio Theaters. He plays piano and violin.


He is a Senior Vice President consultant at Qualcomm, where he supports standards activities for Wi-Fi, cellular, power line and personal area networks. Mark has been at Qualcomm from the beginning providing key leadership in helping it grow into the successful business it is today. Previously, Mark was Deputy for Communications (C3I) for the Secretary of the Army, where he guided the Army’s electronics research. Earlier, he was at CSC and Northrop.

Senior Vice President

Deputy for Communications (C3I)

Why I’m Running

I’m running for President-Elect because it’s time to take our IEEE Standards Association to the next level, and I’m the person to do it.
I’m driven by my desire to give back to the IEEE. The IEEE has given me tremendous support, starting when I was President of the IEEE Student Branch at MIT, continuing as I worked to develop new IEEE standards. Now I’m giving back as a leader and officer in the Standards Association, and I want to do more.
Here’s my vision: I will:
• Increase investment in modern, state-of-the-art development platform tools, better staff support and better meeting management. This will reduce the time volunteers spend on drafting documents and enable them to focus on producing higher quality content.
• Make our processes more open, transparent, and fair, to include easy access to leadership meeting minutes and reports.
• Work to ensure our standards better meet market needs and enhance our global reputation as the recognized premier venue for creation of technically excellent standards.
To achieve these objectives, I will work to apply the same entrepreneurial management skills and energy that I have successfully used in growing Qualcomm from a start-up to the large successful company it is today.

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